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  • The electronic pneumatic regulator is the control system in the liquid transport system software, which has the functions of stopping, adjusting, drainage, avoiding backflow, stabilizing pressure tube, separating or overflow pressure relief, etc. electronic pneumatic regulators for liquid automatic control systems, from very simple cut-off valves to extremely complex automation control system software commonly used in a variety of regulating valves, its types and specifications are very diverse.


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  • The electro-pneumatic regulator can control the air pressure with high precision. NNT has mature craftsmanship and production lines, corrosion resistance, sturdy design and a wide range of choices making it an ideal choice for OEMs. Our company's electro-pneumatic regulators are classified into the


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  • In the field of industrial processing, people usually use electronic pneumatic regulators, the application of these instruments is very important, control instruments can ensure the accuracy of production and processing, so the staff in the daily work will control the application of instruments as one of the important content. The electronic pneumatic regulator is an industrial process control instrument, is also often used in the production of equipment, equipment at work can be powered by compressed gas, the working principle of equipment is simple, the structure is very reasonable, so when using pneumatic adjustable valve installation is very convenient.


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  • ​The simple understanding of the air gripper is actually a cylinder, which pushes the piston through compressed air. The air gripper can complete the clamping process of the workpiece. Its high speed and high repetition accuracy make it occupy an extremely important position in the automation industry.


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  • ​Air gripper, which can realize various grasping functions, is a key part of the modern pneumatic manipulator. All the structures of the air gripper are double-acting, which can realize two-way grasping, automatic cendering, and high repetition accuracy. The grasping moment of the air gripper is constant; Non-contact detection switches can be installed on both sides of the cylinder, and there is a variety of installation and connections.


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  • Air gripper is a device based on air pressure, using air to grab objects. There are two main types: parallel and angular. It can be used in mobile screen neighborhood and battery field, etc. It is easy to operate, easy to achieve automatic production; the startup reaction speed is fast, the repeatab


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