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Electric Pneumatic Regulator

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In pneumatic area. The main function of the NNT Electronic Pneumatic Regulaot is to control the gas pressure by analog signal. NNT pneumatic high speed flow regulator with the gas demand placed on it, while maintaining a sufficiently constant output pressure. 
Base on the precision regulator sort, we provide the E/P vacuum regulator to control the vacuum pressure reange, also advise the thin low profile proportional valve to the small machine.
In Pneumatic Area. We are the NNT Regulator Manufacturer.

Pneumatic Regulator Application

 Accuracy is the point in the pneumatic area. Air pressure regulator is the control part to ensure the accuracy level. 
Nowadays the factory have to keep the high accuracy. Also need to control by the analog signal.Such as Laser industrial area, Cutting machine, Food machine, Label machine and else. 
Air pressure regulator with switch can handle many environments keeping a high speed working. 
NNT pneumatic air pressure regulator using FAS solenoid keeping the accuracy in a high precision. Control by analog signal to provide remote control experiment, its also call high tech air pressure regulator. 
NNT digital air pressure regulator using the Japanese diaphragm which have more than 3 years lifespan. 
Our solenoid lifespan more than 30 million times. 
All of those element make sure the quality and the safety.

Pneumatic Regulator Certification

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Guangdong Nuonengtai Automation Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality industrial pneumatic control components to customers at home and abroad. We have been adhering to the business philosophy of "honest management, customer first", and can fully meet the customer's customized needs, so we have a great advantage in providing customized products. Our factory pass the ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification. Most of our product received the CE certification.Always take management progress as the basis of development, continue to innovate in business development, case handling, process customer service, administrative finance, etc., create a brand-new management model in the industry, and ensure from multiple perspectives such as personnel responsibilities, departmental collaboration, and standardized processes. Every customer can enjoy a full range of high-quality intellectual property services.


In pneumatic area. Our main product is digital pressure switch, digital flow switch, air pressure regulator, electronic pneumatic regulator, pneumatic gripper, pneumatic cylinder, solenoid valve, pneumatic tube and else.
Our factory was found in 1998, we focus on hydraulic and pneumatic area more than 23 years. Until this time, we have almost 100 employees with complete product line. We uphold innovation and development, keep the high technology enterprise. Our R&D department have 8 electronics engineers and 6 mechanical engineers. 

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