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​The simple understanding of the air gripper is actually a cylinder, which pushes the piston through compressed air. The air gripper can complete the clamping process of the workpiece. Its high speed and high repetition accuracy make it occupy an extremely important position in the automation industry.



What is the function of an air gripper?

​Air gripper, which can realize various grasping functions, is a key part of the modern pneumatic manipulator. All the structures of the air gripper are double-acting, which can realize two-way grasping, automatic cendering, and high repetition accuracy. The grasping moment of the air gripper is constant; Non-contact detection switches can be installed on both sides of the cylinder, and there is a variety of installation and connections.



What is the air gripper?

Air gripper is a device based on air pressure, using air to grab objects. There are two main types: parallel and angular. It can be used in mobile screen neighborhood and battery field, etc. It is easy to operate, easy to achieve automatic production; the startup reaction speed is fast, the repeatab



How to use air grippers?

​Before using the air gripper, it is necessary to effectively check whether the installation connection points are loose or not, and safety interlock should be considered in its operation. When sequential control is carried out, each working position of the air gripper should be checked.



How to select your air gripper?

​The selection of the finger cylinder needs to be based on the working environment, the size and shape of the work piece, the quality requirements and the purpose of use.



How does a digital pressure switch work?

​It is one of the most commonly used fluid control components. We use them at home, in refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. Whenever we deal with gases or liquids, we almost always need to control the pressure. Our household appliances do not need high precision and high turnover. In contrast, pressure switches used in industrial machinery and systems must be rugged, reliable, accurate and have a high life cycle. Most of the time, we never consider the pressure switch. They just show up with machines or machine tools. In this kind of equipment, we rely on pressure switches to act as safety devices, alarms or control components in the system. But in most cases, we seldom consider this part when we buy it. How does the electronic pressure switch work?

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