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Digital Flow Sensor NPF2A7 Series

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  • NPF2A7

  • NNT

NPF2A7 Digital Flow Sensor

Port siez Rc(PT)1/81/43/83/81/2
Measured fluidAir, Nitrogen
Flow rate measurement range(L/min)1~105~5010~10020~20050~500
Minimum set unit(L/min)0.10.5125
Accumulated pulse flow rate exchange value(Pulse width: 50 ms)0.1L/1pulse0.5L/1pulse1L/1pulse2L/1pulse5L/1pulse
Display unitsInstantaneous flow rateL/min,CFMx10-2L/min,CFMx10-1
Accumulated flowL,ft3x10-1
Operating pressure range-50kPa~0.5MPa-50kPa~0.75MPa
Operating fluid temperature0-50C
Power supply voltageDC 24V±10%
Current consumption150mA or less160mA or less170mA or less
Accumulated flow range0-999999L
Detection typeHeater type
Straightness±5% F.S.
Repetition accuracy±1% F.S.±2% F.S.
Temperature characteristics±3% F.S. (15 to 35°C, 25°C reference), ±5% F.S. (0 to 50°C, 25°C reference)
Switch outpuNPN open collector Maximum load current: 80 mA; Internal voltage drop: 1 V or less. Maximum applied voltage: 30 V; 2 outputs
Accumulated pulse outputNPN or PNP open collector (same as switch output)
HysteresisHysteresis mode: Variable (can be set from 0), Window comparator mode : 3-digit fixed
Response timeLights up when output is turned ON OUT1: Green; OUT2: Red
Status LED1s or less
Operating temperature rangeOperating: 0 to 50°C, Stored: –25 to 85°C (with no freezing and condensation)
Withstand voltage1000 VAC for 1 minute between terminals and housing
Insulation resistance50 MΩ or more (500 VDC measured via megohmmeter) between terminals and housing
Noise resistance1000V P-P Pulse width 1 μ s, duration 1 ns
Conductor specificationM12 connector(3m)

Flow Sensor Core Part

Digital Flow Sensor NPF2A

Flow Sensor Flow Sensor

Flow sensor

Specially used for flow sensing to transfer data to the main board

Flow Sensor Circuit Board

Main board

Store memory data, record data, real-time display

Flow Sensor Function Board

Function board

Achieve the switch between functions and applications of rapid response

Flow Sensor Order Model Type

Flow Sensor NPF2A

NNT Strength

Manufacture Department

Production Line

Electric Manufacture Department

Testing Center




Monitor air flow range and reply the signal. In a high accuracy 

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