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Why we should deploy an electronic pneumatic regulator?

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Why we should deploy an electronic pneumatic regulator?

Electronic pneumatic regulator is a right-Angle rotation structure, it is used with the valve positioner, can achieve proportional adjustment; V-type spool is most suitable for various adjustment occasions, with large rated flow coefficient, adjustable ratio, good sealing effect, sensitive adjustment performance, small volume, vertical horizontal installation. Suitable for controlling gas, steam, liquid and other media. The electronic pneumatic regulator consists of an actuator and a regulating mechanism.


Here is the content list:

l  The advantages of electronic pneumatic regulator

l  Electronic pneumatic regulators are available in a variety of modes

l  Use convenient


The advantages of electronic pneumatic regulator

Air as a pneumatic transmission medium, inexhaustible, convenient source, after use directly into the atmosphere, will not pollute the environment. Good adaptability to working environment. In the flammable, explosive, dust, radiation, strong magnetic, vibration, impact and other bad environment, the electronic pneumatic regulator system is safe and reliable. Air viscosity is small, flow resistance is small, convenient for medium centralized supply and long-distance transportation. Pneumatic control quick action, quick response, can reach the required pressure and speed in a short time. Pneumatic components are simple in structure, easy to process, long service life, high reliability, easy to achieve standardization, serialization, generalization.

The actuator is the thrust part of the regulating valve, which generates the corresponding thrust according to the size of the control signal pressure and promotes the action of the regulating mechanism. The valve body is the regulating part of the pneumatic control valve, which is directly in contact with the regulating medium to regulate the flow.


Electronic pneumatic regulators are available in a variety of modes

Electro-hydraulic proportional valve has many advantages, for example, a variety of modes, very easy to form, the use of electrical and computer systems to control a variety of electro-hydraulic pneumatic regulator system software, high linearity, easy to install and application, anti-pollution ability is strong, electric proportional valve selection fast, simple and excellent automation technology similar to Baidu.

In particular, the actual operation of the motor-controlled pilot, wireless remote control and cable TV remote control shows its excellent application prospects. Load sensing technology and working pressure compensation. It is of practical significance to improve the overall technical strength of portable hydraulic equipment.


Use convenient

In the packaging process, it is often necessary to coordinate multiple actions, and the pneumatic components are easy to adjust. Pneumatic system with fire, explosion-proof, moisture-proof characteristics. Pneumatic technology can be used in the packaging process of some inflammable and explosive products. Pneumatic technology is low cost and easy to adopt. Based on the above characteristics, the pneumatic control of packaging machinery industry is changing the development direction of packaging machinery industry.


The electronic compact pneumatic regulator has the advantages of simple control, quick response, and essential safety, and no additional explosion-proof measures are needed. Pneumatic control valve is a right-angle rotation structure, composed of V-shaped valve body, pneumatic actuator, positioner and other accessories; There is a natural flow characteristic of approximately equal ratio; Double bearing structure, small starting torque, excellent sensitivity and induction speed; Super shear ability.

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