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Why are air grippers important?

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Why are air grippers important?

Air gripper is an important component of an industrial robot. Air gripper is widely used in industrial production, medical treatment, military, semiconductor production and space exploration and other fields.


l  What is the structure of the air gripper?

l  What are the advantages of the air gripper?

l  In what areas can air grippers be used?


What is the structure of the air gripper?

The structure of the air gripper is composed of cylinder, piston, piston rod, front end cover, back-end cover and sealing parts. The double-acting cylinder is divided into two cavities by a piston.

The cavity with piston rod is called the cavity with the rod, and the cavity without piston rod is called the cavity without rod.

When the input of compressed air from the rod less cavity, the rod cavity exhaust, the pressure difference between the two chambers of the cylinder acting on the piston force to overcome the resistance load to promote the piston movement, the piston rod out; The piston rod is retracted when there is a rod cavity intake and no rod cavity exhaust. If there is a rod cavity and rod-free cavity alternate intake and exhaust, the piston to achieve linear reciprocating motion. So as to improve the production efficiency of industrial robots.


What are the advantages of the air gripper?

1.         The air gripper device has the advantages of simple structure, light weight and simple installation and maintenance. The pressure level is low, so it is safe to use.

2.         The working medium is inexhaustible air, air itself does not cost money. Exhaust treatment is simple, no pollution to the environment, low cost.

3.         It is very easy to adjust the output force and working speed of the pneumatic finger. The action speed of the cylinder is generally 50-500mm/s, faster than the action speed of the hydraulic and electrical mode.

4.         It has high reliability and long service life. The number of effective actions of electrical components is about one million times, and the life of the general solenoid valve is more than 30 million times, and the small valve is more than 200 million times.

5.         pneumatic finger can use the compressibility of air, can store energy, to achieve a centralized air supply. The energy can be released in a short time to obtain a high speed response in intermittent motion. It can be buffered. Strong adaptability to impact load and overload. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can be self-sustaining.

6.         Full pneumatic control with fireproof, explosion-proof, moisture-proof ability. Compared with hydraulic mode, pneumatic mode can be used in high temperature occasions.

7.         Because of the small air flow loss of a pneumatic finger, compressed air can be centralized supply and long-distance transportation.


In what areas can air grippers be used?

Air grippers are widely used in all walks of life. It is important to replace manual labor efficiently. Reliability and operation rate are the tensest characteristic parameters of machine tools and equipment.

Air gripper is used in grinding and polishing, casting finishing, auto parts industry, etc. In high temperature, high pressure, low temperature, low pressure, dust, noise, and radioactive and toxic pollution in the harsh environment, high pressure air gripper can be qualified for the task, improve people's working conditions, improve the quality of production, avoid the incidence of occupational disease, become the most popular manipulator at present.


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