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Where can an electronic pneumatic regulator be used?

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Where can an electronic pneumatic regulator be used?

The advantages of electro-pneumatic regulators are obvious, and they are used in many places, and even in some places, they are a natural match. This is mainly to see some characteristics of the pneumatic control valve advantages; these advantages can make some of the work of danger in invisible. Pneumatic regulator manufacturers have their own views on this, here to share with you.


Here is the content list:

l  Electronic pneumatic regulators is suitable for moving screen

l  Electronic pneumatic regulators is suitable for battery production

l  Electronic pneumatic regulators is ideal for riot prevention

l  Especially suitable for special media


Electronic pneumatic regulators is suitable for moving screen

Attention should be paid to temperature control when applying in moving flat screen. Heating rate and peak temperature are important factors affecting ACF curing. The heating rate determines the surface quality of the cured ACF, while the peak temperature determines the binding strength of the cured ACF. The flatness of the strapping head and the irregularity of the strapping head will lead to the uneven rupture of the ACF conductive particles. This is because the ACF conductive particles are very small, usually about 4um in diameter, and ACF is very sensitive to pressure. When the contact surface of the binding head is not smooth, some ACF conductive particles will completely break, while other parts of the ACF conductive particles cannot break properly, resulting in poor conductivity between the liquid crystal glass and FPC.Electronic pneumatic regulators would work well in this area.


Electronic pneumatic regulators are suitable for battery production

When electro-pneumatic regulators are used in batteries, a pressure molding machine is configured with a cylinder, a pressure sensor, and a multilayer battery heating plate. The high temperature pressure-forming jig is compatible with batteries of different shapes and sizes within a range, and provides equipment power to the cylinder evenly. (Pressure controlled by NITV electric proportional valve)


Electronic pneumatic regulators is ideal for riot prevention

Generally speaking, there is no electronic component in the structure of the electro-pneumatic compact regulator itself, and its power source is "gas", so in the switch pneumatic regulator, let the pneumatic regulator work, there is no Mars, and then there is a dangerous phenomenon. As we all know, there are some flammable and explosive gases in some occasions, such as some places with flammable gases, once the sparks are produced in the work, it is easy to appear dangerous. May be some people will choose some anti-riot electric control valve, but you know, explosion-proof electric control valve, is required to be specially made, the result is that the electric control valve is more expensive, cost-effective is not very high, so at this time the best way is to buy and install pneumatic control valve.


Especially suitable for special media

Generally speaking, it is also best to use electro-pneumatic regulators when transporting some hazardous and corrosive media. We picked up the pneumatic control valve in the market, usually have a fault reset function, we can according to their own medium to transport when buying, to determine what type of pneumatic control valve they want to buy, can prevent the problem because of the medium, and aggravate the wear of pneumatic control valve. electronic pneumatic regulator can adjust the place of failure, it is a common regulator does not have a lot of, can save a lot of maintenance time, also can to minimize the problem of many dangers in the work, if you want to make a more stable construction site, ensure the safety of construction personnel, it is best choice electronic pneumatic regulator.


More understanding of the various advantages of the electric and pneumatic regulator, we can naturally know in what place is more suitable for the use of pneumatic regulator, natural also can know how to use the electronic vacuum pneumatic regulator according to the current situation.

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