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Where can air grippers be used?

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Where can air grippers be used?

Air grippers are widely used in all walks of life. It is important to replace manual labor efficiently. Reliability and performance rate are the most critical characteristic parameters of machine tools and equipment. Air gripper robots can be used in grinding and polishing, casting finishing and the automotive parts industry.


l  Grinding and polishing

l  Finishing of castings

l  Auto parts industry


Grinding and polishing

The important users of machine tools and equipment are the grinders and polishers engaged in casting cleaning in the furniture, automobile and accessory industries as well as in the foundry. It can save the rotary table long preparation time, in general, is to improve the quality of grinding.

For example, when finishing furniture parts, a robot can even be set in the middle of five machine tools. The durable single acting air gripper on the robot grabs the work piece to be processed and sends it to each device. The robot system is further developed for processing the handrails with a complex geometrical shape.


Finishing of castings

The robot grabs the prepositioned work piece and then actively performs sawing, grinding and other operations if necessary. In response, the robot manipulates the work piece against a fixed polishing wheel, grinding wheel, and other tools for machining. After processing, the work piece is deposited on a conveyor belt for further delivery.

After the casting is cut, grinding and finished, the robot places the machined work piece on the conveyor belt to carry on the active finishing of the casting, which has obvious advantages compared with the manual finishing. It accelerates the speed of the work piece in production, optimizes the material supply within the enterprise and improves the product quality and stability of production. In addition, it has improved the safety of the workplace and improved the ecological conditions of work. The environmental pollution caused by dust, noise and vibration is limited to the enclosed robot unit area.


Auto parts industry

Auto - parts suppliers must provide perfect products in order to stand firm in the competition. This is especially suitable for the production of key complete sets of components such as the slide valve body of the active transmission, cylinder head, diesel injection pump and turbocharger housing. These parts are conditioned on outstanding appearance characteristics. Therefore, these parts should be completely removed after machining, and thorough cleaning, to ensure that there will be no burr particles, residual dust or welding beads fall off in the future operation of the equipment, so as to damage the function of the parts or even cause complete damage.

The robot can reliably grasp and operate the work piece with its air gripper at any time. In the machining of the work piece, the industrial robot can exquisitely and usefully solve the processing process actively in this kind of repetitive work. The more unsuitable the workplace temperature, the more noise, the more dust, or the more harmful the environment, the greater the impact of this negative result.


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