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What is the function of a digital pressure switch?

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What is the function of a digital pressure switch?

Now in industrial production is also often used to it, digital pressure switch in here is not that kind of pressure gauge switch, it is mainly used to detect, display, alarm and control signal output, can well ensure system normal operation, through the high-speed data acquisition and data processing. The pressure switch is now widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological and electric power and so on the measurement of gas and pressure in the automatic system, because of its very flexible adjustment, simple and convenient installation, so it can be a good substitute for many practical liquid level switch places.


Here is the content list:

l Principle of the switch

l The function of the switch

l Characteristics of the switch


Principle of the switch

The digital pressure switch is mainly used to detect the pressure of the relevant detection part. Its working principle is to sense the pressure of the external environment through the built-in inductor. when the external pressure is above or below the safety critical point, the diaphragm of the inductor will change, and then send out a control signal, and the signal will guide the switch to change, so when the pressure of the environment returns to normal and critical, the internal diaphragm of the inductor will move to the initial position, making the switch reset automatically. Then through the special CPU modular signal processing technology, the detection, display, alarm and control signal output of the medium pressure signal are realized to avoid unnecessary safety disasters.


The function of the switch

The digital pressure switch is often used in industrial production, but the pressure switch here does not refer to the pressure gauge switch, but plays a role in detection, display, alarm and control signal output, which can ensure the normal operation of the system. Through high-speed data acquisition and processing, a built-in precision sensor for compensation, it is high-precision equipment for detecting pressure and liquid level signals and realizing pressure and level monitoring and control. Pressure switches are widely used in automatic systems for measuring gas and liquid pressure in the chemical industry, machinery, hydrology, electric power, environmental protection and so on. Because of the convenient and flexible adjustment and simple installation, it can replace most of the occasions where the liquid level switch is used.


Characteristics of the switch

At present, compared with the ordinary pressure switch, the digital pressure switch has the following characteristics:

(1) The model identification technology is adopted to overcome the abnormal pump flick caused by the pressure switch action when the pressure of the existing pressure switch is ultra-low.

(2) With the addition of the process selection switch, different thresholds can be set for the side tank process and the closed process, and the threshold set by the side tank process can be appropriately reduced, thus solving the problem that the pressure switch of the side tank process can not be put into use.

(3) A calibration button is added. When checking the intelligent digital pressure switch, as long as the "calibration button" is pressed, the microcomputer will automatically remember the current pressure value and take it as the setting value of the "intelligent electronic pressure switch". In order to realize the intelligent calibration of the pressure switch.


Digital pressure switch is a new generation of pressure switch developed on the basis of the early traditional analog pointer barometer and high-precision digital sensing technology. It is used for the detection and control of air pressure in the field of pneumatic control. Guangdong NNT Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. also has these products, welcome to buy them. Company website: https://www.zhnnt.com/

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