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What is the digital pressure switch?

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What is the digital pressure switch?

Now in industrial production is also often used to it, digital pressure switch in here is not that kind of pressure gauge switch, it is mainly used to detect, display, alarm and control signal output, can well ensure system normal operation, through the high-speed data acquisition and data processing. The pressure switch is now widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological and electric power and so on the measurement of gas and pressure in the automatic system, because of its very flexible adjustment, simple and convenient installation, so it can be a good substitute for many practical liquid level switch places.


Here is the content list:

l The characteristic of the digital pressure switch

l Construction of a digital pressure switch

l Variants of digital pressure switches

l The working principle of the digital display pressure switch


The characteristic of the digital pressure switch

As soon as a preset pressure is reached, it opens or closes a corresponding switch contact. There are various designs of digital pressure switches which are used in a multitude of industrial and technical processes. Particularly in machine building, They are frequently used. The advantages of the digital version of the pressure switch are a digital display, adjustable switch points and considerably higher reliability.

Construction of a digital pressure switch

It is based on a digital pressure sensor (often also referred to as a pressure transmitter) and therefore also provides its functionality. By virtue of the integrated digital switchesused to open or close the electric circuit, it performs simple control tasks. The switch point and reset point can be set individually and conveniently on the instrument.

Variants of digital pressure switches

By default, a pressure switch only provides the binary signals such as switch point or reset point “reached” or “not reached”. However, it is not clear how far removed the measured pressure is from the switch point or reset point. That is why many pressure switches have a display and additionally an analogue output signal. On the display, one can read off the applied pressure or check the set parameters. Of course, the pressure value can also be transmitted via the analogue output signal to a control unit. This type of digital pressure switch can be considered as a, so-to-speak, 3-in-1 instrument: a digital switch, a pressure sensor (pressure transmitter) and a digital indicator combined within a single instrument.

The working principle of the digital display pressure switch

When the pressure in the medium is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure, the disc in the inductor moves instantly, and the switch joint is connected or disconnected by connecting the guide rod. when the pressure falls to or rises to the rated recovery value, the disc resets instantly, the switch automatically resets, or simply, when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element produces displacement. Directly or after comparison, push the switch element and change the on-off state of the switch element to achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure. The elastic elements used in the digital display pressure switch are single-loop spring tube, diaphragm, diaphragm, bellows and so on. The switch elements are magnetic switch, mercury switch, fretting switch and so on.


Digital pressure switch is a new generation of pressure switch developed on the basis of the early traditional analog pointer barometer and high-precision digital sensing technology. It is used for the detection and control of air pressure in the field of pneumatic control. Guangdong NNT Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. also has these products, welcome to buy them. Company website: https://www.zhnnt.com/

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