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What is an electronic pneumatic regulator?

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What is an electronic pneumatic regulator?

The electro-pneumatic regulator can control the air pressure with high precision. NNT has mature craftsmanship and production lines, corrosion resistance, sturdy design and a wide range of choices making it an ideal choice for OEMs. Our company's electro-pneumatic regulators are classified into the following categories: electro-pneumatic regulators, high-pressure electro-pneumatic regulators, compact electro-pneumatic regulators, and electronic vacuum regulators.

Here is the content list:

  • Industry information of electronic pneumatic regulators

  • The working principle

  • High pressure Electro-pneumatic regulator for pneumatic valve manifold

Industry information of electronic pneumatic regulators

The regulator, in the field of industrial automation process control, by accepting the control signal of the output of the control unit, with the help of power operation to change the medium flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level and other process parameters of the final control element. It is generally composed of actuators and valves. If according to the characteristics of the stroke, the regulating valve can be divided into straight stroke and Angle stroke; According to the actuator with the use of power, can be divided into pneumatic control valve, electric control valve, hydraulic control valve three; According to its function and characteristic, it is divided into linear characteristic, equal percentage characteristic and parabolic characteristic three kinds. The regulating valve is suitable for air, water, steam, a variety of corrosive media, mud, oil and other media. Regulating valve commonly used classification: pneumatic control valve, electric control valve, hydraulic control valve, self-operated control valve.

The working principle

Pneumatic regulator using compressed air as a power source, the cylinder as an actuator, through electric valve positioner, converters, solenoid valve, cut-off valve accessories such as drive switch or proportional control valve, control signal receiving industry automation control system used to complete a variety of process parameters, such as flow, pressure, temperature, etc., to adjust the pipeline medium. The pneumatic control valve is characterized by simple control, fast response, intrinsic safety, no need to take additional explosion-proof measures.

High pressure Electro-pneumatic regulator for pneumatic valve manifold

The latest addition to the Advanced Valve family of pneumatic directional valves is the AV-EP, an electro-pneumatic pressure regulator that can be integrated into the manifold. This allows the user to control the proportional flow with the same digital communication as the directional control valve used. The AV-EP can control external equipment or control valves downstream of the manifold. Common applications of E/P include stamping, tension control, and tip control.

The pneumatic control valve is usually composed of a pneumatic actuator and control valve. Pneumatic actuators can be divided into single acting and double acting. Single-acting actuators have return springs, while double-acting actuators do not. Among them, when the origin or sudden failure occurs, the single-acting actuator can automatically return to the initial opening or closing state set by the valve.

NNT is committed to providing high quality industrial pneumatic control components for customers at home and abroad. We have been focusing on product innovation, research and development, quality control, which also makes NNT have a good reputation in the industry. We have been adhering to the "integrity management, customer for respect" by the business philosophy, can fully cooperate with customers' customized needs, so in providing customized products, we have a great advantage. Looking forward to working with you hand in hand to spectrum a better future!

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