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What is a flow switch used for?

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What is a flow switch used for?

The flow switch is mainly installed in water, oil and other liquids or plug-in medium pipes to monitor the water flow in the water supply system. At this time, when the water flow is higher or lower than a set point in time, the device will send the output alarm signal to the device, and the system will make the corresponding indication action after obtaining the signal, so as to avoid or reduce the "dry burning" of the host. Its unique streamlined structure design, accurate and stable performance, is widely used in pipeline flow monitoring and large, medium and small equipment cooling and lubrication system.


Here is the content list:

l Working principle of flow switch

l The purpose of the flow switch

l Installation and use

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Working principle of flow switch

The flow switch is mainly installed on-line or plug-in in water, gas, oil and other media pipelines to trigger the switch to output alarm signal when the flow rate is higher or lower than a certain value, and the corresponding execution unit action can be made after the system obtains the signal. It is designed based on the principle of temperature change of the detection head. A heating sensor and a sensible heat sensor are installed in the probe and are in contact with the medium. When measuring, the heating sensor emits constant heat. When there is no medium flow in the pipe, the heat received by the sensible heat sensor is a constant value. When there is medium flow, the heat received by the sensible heat sensor will change with the flow rate of the medium. The sensible heat sensor converts the temperature difference signal into an electrical signal, and then converts it into the corresponding contact signal or analog signal through the circuit.


The purpose of the flow switch

The liquid flow switch is suitable for chlorination, hot water heating, air conditioning, liquid delivery system, fire sprinkler system and industrial laser cooling system in the swimming pool. The water flow switch is realized in the sprinkler system. For example, in the case of a fire, the flow switch can trigger the electrical fire alarm to turn on. The air flow switch is used to clean the filtration system, exhaust ventilation and air treatment system of the room.


Installation and use

Before installing the flow switch, it is necessary to clean up the impurities, welding slag, sundries and dirt in the pipeline. it is recommended to use compressed air purging and crystal water flushing. Attention should be paid to the flow direction indicated on the instrument shell, and the cutting head indicates the direction of the outflow. It is recommended that the installation of the outlet and inlet is equivalent to a straight pipe section of 5 times the caliber to ensure the accuracy of the measurement. The above is Guangdong NNT Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. Provides information about the working principle of the flow switch


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