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What electronic pneumatic regulators offer?

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What electronic pneumatic regulators offer?

The electronic pneumatic regulator is the control system in the liquid transport system software, which has the functions of stopping, adjusting, drainage, avoiding backflow, stabilizing pressure tube, separating or overflow pressure relief, etc. electronic pneumatic regulators for liquid automatic control systems, from very simple cut-off valves to extremely complex automation control system software commonly used in a variety of regulating valves, its types and specifications are very diverse.

Here is the content list:

  • About Solenoid Valve

  • The electronic pneumatic regulator has actuators

  • Improve the overall technical level of hydraulic machinery

About solenoid valve

In the electronic pneumatic regulator, the solenoid valve is the use of solenoid control industrial equipment to control the fluid automatic basic components. It belongs to actuators and is not limited to hydraulic and pneumatic. It is used to adjust the direction, flow rate, speed and other parameters of industrial control systems. There are many kinds of solenoid valves, different solenoid valves play a role in different positions of the control system, the commonly used are one-way valves, safety valves, direction control valves, speed regulating valves, etc.

The electronic pneumatic regulator has actuators

The selection of the actuator should be based on the climate and conditions around the country, the southern region of our country can choose the common type of the actuator, the northern alpine region must choose the low temperature type of the actuator, for the environmental temperature for a long time in the high temperature condition of the regulator valve actuator should choose the high temperature type of the actuator. The actuators used are low temperature type, the connecting bracket is made of low temperature resistant cast steel, the diaphragm and other rubber parts are made of low temperature resistant materials, and the lubricating grease is also used for low temperature resistant grease. At present, the actuator is mostly used for the multi-spring structure, which is characterized by lightweight, small volume, high performance and large output force. Pneumatic actuator and the selected control valve type, size and another matching; For large-caliber regulating valves, use multi-spring membrane structure.

Improve the overall technical level of hydraulic machinery

The electric proportional valve is the proportional electromagnet in the valve. The input voltage signal produces the corresponding action, which causes the spool of the working valve to shift and the size of the valve port to change, thus completing the output component of pressure and flow proportional to the input voltage. Spool displacement can also be mechanical, hydraulic or electrical feedback. Electric proportional valves are automatically selected and included, and plug-in proportional valves and proportional multi-way valves are developed and produced to fully consider the use characteristics of construction machinery, with pilot control, load sensing and pressure compensation and other functions. It is of great significance to improve the overall technical level of mobile hydraulic machinery. Especially the electronic control pilot operation, wireless remote control and wired remote control operation show a good application prospect.

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