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What are the advantages of digital pressure switches?

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What are the advantages of digital pressure switches?

Now in industrial production is also often used to it, digital pressure switch in here is not that kind of pressure gauge switch, it is mainly used to detect, display, alarm and control signal output, can well ensure system normal operation, through the high-speed data acquisition and data processing. The pressure switch is now widely used in chemical, mechanical, hydrological and electric power and so on the measurement of gas and pressure in the automatic system, because of its very flexible adjustment, simple and convenient installation, so it can be a good substitute for many practical liquid level switch places.


Here is the content list:

l The principle of the switch

l Characteristics of the switch.

l Application advantages of the switch


The principle of the switch

When the pressure in the medium is higher or lower than the rated safety pressure, the disc in the inductor moves instantly, and the switch joint is connected or disconnected by connecting the guide rod. when the pressure falls to or rises to the rated recovery value, the disc resets instantly, the switch automatically resets, or simply, when the measured pressure exceeds the rated value, the free end of the elastic element produces displacement. Directly or after comparison, push the switch element and change the on-off state of the switch element to achieve the purpose of controlling the measured pressure. The elastic elements used in the digital pressure switch are single-loop spring tube, diaphragm, diaphragm, bellows and so on. The switch elements are magnetic switch, mercury switch, fretting switch and so on.


Characteristics of the switch

1. It uses a wide range of tested media, can measure oil, water and other complex media, and has a certain anti-corrosion ability.

2. The digital pressure switch uses a high-precision sensor with small repeatability errors and high stability.

3. The digital pressure switch is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, debug and use.

4. The digital pressure switch adopts stainless steel fully enclosed shell, which has excellent waterproof performance.

5. The pressure of the measured liquid level can be directly sensed without the influence of medium foaming and deposition.

Application advantages of the switch

The combination of exquisite structure, high-performance materials and advanced detection circuits endows the switch with the following application features:

1. Wide measuring range: the switch can measure the pressure between 0-60MPA, reliable and stable.

2. Good long-term stability: compared with other similar products, the digital pressure switch has higher stability.

3. Excellent output signal: the switch can output 4-20mA analog signal, which is not easy to be disturbed by an external signal and has good stability.

4. Good anti-corrosion performance: the materials in contact with the medium of the digital pressure switch are made of stainless steel, so a variety of corrosive media can be measured.

5. Anti-electromagnetic interference: high output signal, anti-interference design and metal shell all determine that the switch will not receive external electromagnetic interference.


Digital pressure switch is a new generation of pressure switch developed on the basis of the early traditional analog pointer barometer and high-precision digital sensing technology. It is used for the detection and control of air pressure in the field of pneumatic control. Guangdong NNT Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. also has these products, welcome to buy them. Company website: https://www.zhnnt.com/

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