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Some simple problems of NNT Electro-Pneumatic Regulator

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Some simple problems of NNT Electro-Pneumatic Regulator

1.The standard products of NITV series electro-pneumatic regulator

 have 4-point or 16-point preset input type. The 4-point preset input type is composed of on / off of 2-point input signals, and the number of pre-set pressure can be up to 4 points. The 16-point preset input type is composed of 4-point input signal on / off, and the maximum number of output points is 16.

2.What is the screen resolution of the NNT pneumatic regulator of the NITV 2010 series?

The screen resolution is "sensitivity is below 0.2% F.S." in the sample specification and model column, 100KPA at full of nitv 2010, and 0.2MPa if matched below 0.2%.

3. What is the threaded hole of M5 on the upper left side of pneumatic regulator of NITV20 / 30 series products?

This hole is the vent hole of the relay. Please open the air for application.

If refits the pipe joint, the pressure gauge and so on commodity cannot all normal work. (NITV10 * * is the upper left M3 threaded hole)

4. According to the original common problem of NNT pneumatic regulator of NITV series products, when the power supply is cut off, the output side pressure will be maintained for a certain period of time. Why?

When the power is turned off, the automatic exhaust valve and the power supply valve are turned off. Therefore, the pressure in the main room will not change at this time, and then the output pressure of the secondary side will be maintained around the set pressure. However, this situation can only be maintained for a period of time, not for a long time.

5.What is the error of NNT pneumatic regulator Er.1 of NITV2030-222BS and what are the preventive measures?

When the input specification of the product is dc0 ~ 9V, when the input signal exceeds 9V, that is, the input signal is too large, and Er.1 alarm will appear. The preventive measure is to determine whether the input signal is within the rated range. After adjusting the input signal, the Er.1 alarm can be cleared by restarting the power supply.

6.Is there any other length of NNT pneumatic regulator  power line of NITV 1000-3000 series products besides 3M?

There are 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 10 meter long power cables. For example, in the case of purchasing 10 meters, the model specification of straight head is P398020-500-10, and that of elbow is P398020-501-10. When 3M straight head connector is selected, the model specification is P398020-500-3. (Note: the power cable models of DeviceNet are different)

7.What is the reason for the continuous beep of NNT pneumatic regulator of NITV series products?

The power supply has been on for a long time, and the air compression and input signal have not been given.

ITV is equipped with relay of supply and exhaust pipe. According to the single pulse operation, when the set pressure is different from the specific pressure, the relay will be on-off continuously until the setting pressure is achieved. The beep is the sound of the operation of the relay. When the air energy heat pump is disconnected, please turn off the power supply, otherwise the on-off relay will continue to operate, which will reduce its service life. (when the air energy heat pump is disconnected, even if the input signal is 0%, there is error between the zero point of NITV and the ambient atmospheric pressure, in order to achieve the atmospheric pressure value, the supply valve / automatic exhaust valve will continue to work.)

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