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Investigation of a company in Japan

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Investigation of a company in Japan

In order to satisfy customers' tighter requirements to pneumatic components, we also cooperate with RWTH Aachen University to develop full range of NNT pneumatic control components with most sophisticated technology and technics. 

We have the most advanced production equipment and testing equipment   in industry ,because we always attach great importance to the product quality. In addition, strict management and control are always carried out in each step of quality management in order to ensure every ex-factory product of NNT can meet the highest quality standards. And the after-sale service is our strength, our entire technical team and customers will carry out the deepest applying cooperation. 

We quickly respond and settle the problems that are encountered by the customers, which has been recognized by them. In the meantime, our company also promises to customers that if there is  problem about product the technicians will arrive within 48 hours.