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How to use a digital pressure switch?

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How to use a digital pressure switch?

It is one of the most commonly used fluid control components. We use digital pressure switches at home, in refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines. Whenever we deal with gases or liquids, we almost always need to control the pressure. Our household appliances do not need high precision and high turnover. In contrast, pressure switches used in industrial machinery and systems must be rugged, reliable, accurate and have a high life cycle. Most of the time, we never consider the pressure switch. They just show up with machines or machine tools. In this kind of equipment, we rely on pressure switches to act as safety devices, alarms or control components in the system. But in most cases, we seldom consider this part when we buy it. How does the electronic pressure switch work?


Here is the content list:

l Usage of the digital pressure switch

l Matters needing attention in use

Usage of the digital pressure switch

1. The method of setting the pressure control

(1) short press the (ON/OFF) operation key, turn off the operation indicator light, and the pressure control system is turned off.

(2) set the upper / lower limit and press the SET key once to enter the lower limit setting state (corresponding to the lower limit indicator light is on), pass (setting) () value, after setting the lower limit is completed, short press the SET key to enter the upper limit setting, the setting method is the same as above.

(3) after the setting is completed, press the SET key to automatically save the setting value into the computer chip (after parameter modification, no keystroke operation within 5 seconds will automatically save the current parameter settings).

(4) press the (ON/OFF) operation key again (corresponding to the operation indicator light), and the motor starts to work.


2. Unit switching method: short press (ON/OFF) operation key, turn off operation indicator light, short press increase key (increase) can switch units between MPa, Kg/cm2, PSI arbitrarily. Turn on the running indicator when the setting is complete.


3. Zero clearing function: short press (ON/OFF) operation key, turn off the operation indicator, press the reduction key () for 5 seconds to clear the current pressure value and correct the zero error. Turn on the running indicator when the setting is complete. (the pressure switch must not apply pressure when using this function.)


Matters needing attention in use

1. The necessity of explosion-proof: explosion-proof forms are divided into the flameproof type and intrinsically safe type, most of Nagano products are flameproof type.


2. Whether it is necessary to take instructions: according to the customer's instructions.


3. Number of pins: one pin (one output) or two pins (two outputs).


4. Determination of setting value and pressure range: the recommended setting range is between 30% of the pressure range and 65% of the pressure range, and the range can be set between 15% of the pressure range and 90% of the pressure range.


5. The form of connection difference: adjustable or fixed.


6. Whether there is a pulsation: if the pressure pulsates or vibrates, a throttle valve is required to suppress the damage to the instrument caused by the pulsating pressure.


7. Occasion with a diaphragm: when measuring corrosiveness, high viscosity or too high temperature, it is necessary to choose a diaphragm.


Digital pressure switch is a new generation of pressure switch developed on the basis of the early traditional analog pointer barometer and high-precision digital sensing technology. It is used for the detection and control of air pressure in the field of pneumatic control. Guangdong NNT Pneumatic Technology Co., Ltd. also has these products, welcome to buy these digital pressure switches. Company website: https://www.zhnnt.com/

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