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How to select your air gripper?

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How to select your air gripper?

The selection of the finger cylinder needs to be based on the working environment, the size and shape of the work piece, the quality requirements and the purpose of use.

l How to select your air gripper?

l In what ways can different types of air grippers be used?

l What should be noted when selecting air grippers?

How to select your air gripper?

1. According to the workpiece size, shape, quality and purpose of use, choose the parallel open and close type or fulcrum open and close type.

2. Choose the series of air grippers according to the size, shape, external measurement, use environment and use purpose of the workpiece.

3. The size of the air gripper is selected according to the clamping force, clamping point distance, extension and stroke of the air gripper.

And further, select the desired options.

In what ways can different types of air grippers be used?

1. Standard MHZ2 series, with a double piston structure, small volume, large clamping force, high stiffness, high precision, and can be freely installed.

2. Wide MHL2 series has a large opening and closing stroke, which is most suitable for holding large workpieces. Double piston structure, large gripping force, large installation freedom and dustproof.

3. Cylindrical MHS series, using wedge CAM structure, small height. MHS2 series is most suitable for pressing into the operation of equal external force. The MHS3 series is best suited for loading and unloading cylindrical workpieces onto machine tools. MHS4 series is most suitable for the positioning and clamping of square workpieces.

What should be noted when selecting air grippers?

1. Adding extra chuck weight will increase the motion mass and increase the kinetic energy. When the chuck moves to the end position, it will damage the air grippers.

2. When the chuck is installed on the air gripper, the positioning pin should be used.

3. The repetition accuracy of the chuck is 4-0.02mm, and the reset accuracy of the air gripper is 0.2mm.

4. The air gripper should not be used in the occasions of corrosive medium, welding spark and grinding dust. Do not operate the gas grip without throttling.

5. When grasping the workpiece, it should also consider its surrounding, and the opening angle of the air gripper can not affect the adjacent workpiece.

6. Air gripper shall not fall, so as not to cause deformation, resulting in accuracy decline or poor action. Also can not be subjected to large external force and impact. When installing air grippers and accessories, the thread fastening moment should be within the allowable range. Do not apply resistance to fingers when attaching attachments to fingers.

7. When the air gripper clamps the workpiece, considering the size error of the workpiece and the existence of the magnetic tape in the magnetic switch, the opening and closing stroke selected should have a certain capacity.

8. The attachment installed on the finger holding the workpiece should be short and light, so as not to open and close the inertia force is too large, so that the finger can not support the workpiece or affect the life of the air gripper.

9. When adjusting, the fingers at the end of the movement shall not be subjected to lateral load or impact load to prevent loosening or damage of the fingers. At the end of the travel of the air gripper movement, the workpiece and accessories should not touch other objects, and there should be a gap.

The use of air grippers should be chosen according to principle. GuangDong NNT Pneumatic Technology CO., LTD. is devoted to providing high quality industrial pneumatic control components to domestic and international customers. They have been focusing on product innovation, R&D(research and development), and quality control, which is a good choice.

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