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How to choose flow switches?

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How to choose flow switches?

The flow switch is mainly installed in water, oil and other liquids or plug-in medium pipes to monitor the water flow in the water supply system. At this time, when the water flow is higher or lower than a set point in time, the device will send the output alarm signal to the device, and the system will make the corresponding indication action after obtaining the signal, so as to avoid or reduce the "dry burning" of the host. Its unique streamlined structure design, accurate and stable performance, is widely used in pipeline flow monitoring and large, medium and small equipment cooling and lubrication system.


Here is the content list:

  • Types of flow switch

  • Factors to be considered in selecting flow switch


Types of flow switch

The flow switch is mainly installed on-line or plug-in to monitor the water flow in the water system in the medium pipeline such as water, gas, oil and so on. When the water flow is higher or lower than a certain set point, the output alarm signal is triggered and transmitted to the unit, and the corresponding indication action can be made after the system acquires the signal. Avoid or reduce the "dry burning" of the host. There are many types of flow switches, and the common ones are as follows:


1. Baffle type (flow rate can be displayed)

1. Float type

2. Metal rotor type (flow rate can be displayed)

3. Viscosity compensation type

4. Rotary vane type (flow rate can be displayed)

5. Thermal flow switch (flow rate can be displayed)


Factors to be considered in selecting flow switch

So how to choose the flow switch? In addition to selecting the appropriate flow switch according to its own needs and functions, it should also be reasonably selected according to the characteristics of fluid working conditions, installation requirements, environmental conditions, economy and other factors.


1. Installation environment. The on-site installation environment mainly refers to the measurement of pipe diameter, the length of the straight pipe section, whether the pipe has a vibration, whether there is strong magnetic field interference and high temperature radiation heat and so on.

2. Security. To prevent accidents. For example, when measuring corrosive media, the appropriate lining material should be selected according to the corrosive strength, and the explosion-proof instrument should be selected for the environment of combustible gas.

3. Energy saving. For the pressure loss of the fluid before and after passing through the flow meter, the smaller the pressure loss value is, the better the energy saving is. Non-contact types such as ultrasonic Flowmeter, electromagnetic Flowmeter and elbow Flowmeter have no pressure loss.

4. Fluid characteristics. Fluid characteristics mainly refer to a fluid composition, temperature, pressure, viscosity and so on. Confirm the selection range step by step according to the actual situation. First of all, from the composition (liquid, gas, steam, dirty degree), differential pressure Flowmeter and vortex Flowmeter basically adapt to the above fluid.

5. Accuracy and economy. Generally speaking, the Flowmeter with relatively stable performance, good repeatability, long service life and a wide measuring range is beneficial to increase the adjustment of process equipment measurement parameters in the later stage, so as to reduce the investment.


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