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How do flow switches work?

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How do flow switches work?

The flow switch is mainly installed in water, oil and other liquids or plug-in medium pipes to monitor the water flow in the water supply system. At this time, when the water flow is higher or lower than a set point in time, the device will send the output alarm signal to the device, and the system will make the corresponding indication action after obtaining the signal, so as to avoid or reduce the "dry burning" of the host. Its unique streamlined structure design, accurate and stable performance, is widely used in pipeline flow monitoring and large, medium and small equipment cooling and lubrication system.

Here is the content list:

l The function of the flow switch

l Working principle of flow switch

The function of the flow switch

1. Detect whether the liquid flow in the pipeline and the amount of liquid flow (flow rate, that is, liquid flow pressure) meet the requirements, and at the same time output (provide) the on-off state of a signal by the switch electrical contact.

2. The equipment system judges the working condition of the pipeline system by detecting whether there is a signal or control current passing through the switch (the on and off state of the electric contact of the water flow switch), and gives the corresponding control or operation mode or measures.

3. In the water circulation pipe network system of central air conditioning, the automatic sprinkler system of fire fighting system and the pipeline of some kind of liquid circulation cooling system, the flow switch is widely used to detect the flow of liquid.

Working principle of flow switch

When there is water flow in the water flow switch and the water flow is ≥ 1.0L/min, the magnetic core in the switch is driven by the flow to produce displacement, and the magnetic core displacement drives the magnetic source to produce magnetic control, which makes the flow switch output the "pass" signal. The automatic selection of the flow switch is included. The signal is inputted into the control system of the equipment, and the control function is realized by the control system. When the water flow is less than the starting flow, the flow switch outputs the "off" signal. The control system produces the opposite control effect. In other words: water flow switch when the water flow in the pipeline is greater than the 1L/min flow, the magnetic core produces displacement under the action of water flow and drives the magnetic source to produce magnetic control action to make the sensor output "1" switch signal, which is input to the equipment control system, and the purpose of water flow control is realized after power expansion and amplification. When the water flow in the pipeline is less than the 1L/min flow, the magnetic core drives the magnetic source back under the action of the reset spring thrust, which makes the sensor output the "0" switch signal and stops the work of the system. It has the advantages of high sensitivity and strong durability.

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