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Digital Pressure Switch ZSE/ISE-30A

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Model NZSE30A(Vacuum pressure) NZSE30AF(Compound pressure) NISE30A(Positive pressure)
Rated pressure range 0.0~-101.0 KPa

-100.0~100.0 Kpa

-0.100~1.000 MPa
Display/Set pressure range 10.0~-105.0 Kpa -105.0~105.0 Kpa -0.105~1.050 MPa
Withstand pressure 500 Kpa 500 Kpa 1.5 MPa
Display/Minimum unit setting 0.1 Kpa 0.1 Kpa 0.001 MPa
Applicable fluid Air;Non-corrosive gas,Non-flammable gas
Power supply voltage 12 to 24 VDC±10%,Ripple(p-p)10%or less(with power supply polarity protection)
Cur re nt con sumptio n 40 mA or less
Switch output NPN or PNP open collector 1 output,NPN or PNP open collector 2 outputs

Maximum load current 80 mA
Maximum applied voltage 28V(at NPN output)
Residual voltage 1 Vor less(with load current of 80 mA)
Resp onse time 2.5 ms or less(with anti-chattering function:20,100,500,1000,2000 ms)
Short circuit protection Yes
Repeatability ±0.2%F.S.±l digit
Hystere-sis Hysteresis mode Variable(0 or above)
Window comparator mode
An alog output Voltage output Output voltage(Rated pressure range) 1 to 5V+2・5%F・S・ 0.6 to 5V±2.5%F.S・
Linearity ±1%F.S.
Output impeda nee Approx. 1 kQ
Curre nt output Output cure nt(Rated pressure range) 4 to 20 mA ±2・5%F・S・ 2.4 to 20 mA ±2.5%F.S.
Linearity ±1%F.S.
Load impedanee Der wer Maximum load impedance:Power supply voltage 12 V:300Ω,Power supply voltage 24 V:600Ω Minimum load impedance:50Ω
Display 4-digit,7-segment,2-color LCD(Red/Green)
Display accuracy ±2%F.S.±1 digit(Ambient temperature of 25±3°C)
Indicator light Lights up when switch output is turned ON.OUTl:Green,OUT2:Red
Environ-merit En closure IP40
Operating temperature range Operating:0 to 50C,Stored:-10 to 60°C(No freezing or condensation)
Operating humidity range Operating/Stored:35 to 85%RH(No condensation)
Withstand voltage 1000 VAC for 1 minute between terminals and housing
In sulati on resista nee 50 M2 or more(500 VDC measured via megohmmeter)between terminals and housing
Temperature characteristics ±2%F.S・(25°C reference)
Lead wire with connector Oilproof heavy-duty vinyl cable,3 cores 03.5,2m 4 cores Conductor area:0.15 mm(AWG26)/lnsulator O.D.:1.0 mm
Stan dards CE,UL/CSA(E216656),RoHS

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